Welcome to Trattoria D'Amico
An authentic ITALIAN Restaurant, owned and operated by an ITALIAN Family from Genzano di Roma, a town in the Metropolitan City of Rome, in the Lazio region of central Italy.
It's A wonderful Italian family, Romolo and Claudia, brother and sister, have been working in the restaurant since they were able to walk. They owned their own restaurant in Rome for 46 years, were their mom Vilma started the business.
Since January 2016 we bring the best cucina italiana to the States. 

Wait for your table in the comfort of your own home!  Add yourself to the Waitlist and please include the following in the Notes:

  1. ​Earliest desired time to be seated (not a reservation)

  2. Lounge, inside, bar or first available

  3. ​Drive time if longer than ten (10) minutes



Wednesday  03:00Pm to 8:00Pm​

Thursday  03:00Pm to 8:00Pm​

Friday  03:00Pm to 9:00Pm​

Saturday  03:00Pm to 9:00Pm​

Sunday  03:00Pm to 8:00Pm​

Monday and Tuesday CLOSED

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